A beautiful story about trusting your mind, body and birth. A warm thanks to Jasmine for sharing.

I was 18-years-young when I found out I was pregnant. I had recurring dreams of a little girl and the moon. I spent my entire MW4pregnancy researching – reading, networking, studying. I decided against childbirth classes as I wanted to birth my baby intuitively, trusting my body’s innate intelligence.

Spontaneous labor began after nearly 42 weeks of pregnancy… I labored for 12 hours, pushed for 3 hours. It was a natural, drug-free birth (a.k.a a physiological birth). It was the night of the harvest moon 2007; those recurring dreams took on a whole new meaning: daughter, birth, MW1harvest moon… surreal. She was 8.7 pounds and began breastfeeding within the hour. She breastfed until she weaned herself at the age of 4-years-old.

I am a huge supporter of full-term breastfeeding, as I believe it’s the biological norm. After my daughter’s birth, I became a massage therapist and a Doula. I then began writing for The Birth Project Magazine and various other publications. I’m currently studying to be a midwife and an herbalist. I’m also in college pursuing a degree in Women’s Studies. I believe in the transformative power of birth. I believe, as care providers, we either assist or MW2hinder that transformation by either respecting or disrespecting the birthing woman’s autonomy. Informed consent should be informed choice. Birthing women own their birth, not midwives, not obstetricians.

I started a zine-blog called Mother Wild (facebook page here and the main website here). I think it’s important that, no matter how many wonderful resources currently exist for women, we can always use more. I created in hopes of giving many a voice, as I want to publish various perspectives – through artwork and poetry, etc.

I trust birth. I trust breasts. I trust the beauty of biology.