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I am a certified birth doula and childbirth educator serving the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area. In 2004 I obtained a Bachelors of Science in Applied Economics and a Minor in Business Management from East Carolina University. In early 2010, I trained as a birth doula and certified through DONA (Doulas of North America). In 2011 I trained directly under the founder and creator of HypnoBirthing and shortly after certified as a HypnoBirthing childbirth educator. I am also a member in good standing with International Childbirth Educators Association (ICEA) and certified in Rebozo techniques for pregnancy and birth.

In 2010 I  began my career as a birth doula and child birth educator when I opened my business, Creating Your Calm in Chapel Hill, NC. We moved from North Carolina to Northern Virginia in 2013 where I quickly immersed myself in the local birthing  Rebozo badge (2)environment. I regularly teach HypnoBirthing childbirth classes, intensive childbirth classes, 4th Trimester Parenting classes and other prenatal and parenting workshops at Body in Balance Center. My classes are not only informational but enjoyable; full of evidence based information, relaxation exercises, useful tips and demonstrations. I enjoy working with families through pregnancy, birth and post partum and I have a huge passion for family centered birthing. I believe that the key to a positive experience during these life changing events is having the tools to make informed and educated decisions coupled with a calm and positive mindset. I pride myself on being supportive, empathetic and non-judgmental when it comes to working with families during their own journey towards parenthood.

I also work in Northern Virginia and Washington DC as a certified labor and birth doula. I have experience and am comfortable working with many different Obstetricians and Midwives and have attended births at the majority of local hospitals such as George Washington University Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, Virginia Hospital Center, Ft. Belvoir, Alexandria, Fairfax, Fair Oaks, Louden, Sibley, Prince William Hospital and many more. I also have experience with birth center births and am comfortable in home birth settings. In addition to My professional experience, I also have a varying degree of personal experience regarding birth.

Our first child’s birth was a very beautiful hospital birth. I realized the moment that I lifted him to my chest and he began to nurse, that we knew what we were doing. We didn’t need nor did we want all the drama surrounding us. His birth paved a road. I am so thankful, forever, for what my little miracle child taught me about myself.

Our second child was born in the only free-standing birth center in North Carolina (Women’s Birth and Wellness Center). Using HypnoBirthing® during his delivery transformed my entire being. His birth transformed the way I think, the way I act, the way I parent and the way I treat myself.

I immediately became calmer and confidant.



Our third child was born at home into my hands. Her birth was absolutely the most fantastic thing I have ever done. I was and always will be in awe of what my mind and body did that evening.

I was calm, confidant and in control; feeling at peace with every moment during her birth.


Our fourth child was also born at home in water. Her birth was amazing and taught me even more about the power of the birthing body.

EOldhamBIRTH-160I  want other families to know this feeling. I want them to know they have choices. I want them to find their voice and know how to use them peacefully. I want them to understand the surreal feeling of having a calm, peaceful birth. I want them to feel supported during their birthing journey regardless of how their birth unfolds.


Creating Your Calm was born for this very reason.

Creating Your Calm is about finding your inner peace and listening to your subconscious. Believing in yourself and following your instincts. Slowing down and appreciating the small moments. Learning how to advocate for your best life. When you apply this way of life to things such as relationships, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting the world changes. Life is more peaceful and little moments are so precious. Time slows down and life becomes so much more enjoyable.


I am very happily married to my best friend and together we have three wonderful children that keep us very busy! Rosser is full of questions and wonder and always keeps me on my toes. I am amazed at his ability and desire to learn! Mason is full of laughter and joy. He was born in the water with a smile on his face that seems to never fade. Izabel has multiplied the love we all have for one another. She is spunky and beautiful and no doubt will be a little red headed spitfire! Piper… our baby; what a gift she has been to all of us.


I am so very blessed with happy, healthy children and a wonderful family. I appreciate every single day, hour, minute, second I have with them. I tickle, I laugh, I hug, I kiss. I love with every single bone in my body.

It makes me so happy that you are here visiting Creating Your Calm. I hope you find some inspiration within these pages and let it touch your life.

Please always know that you are special, unique and loved. I am here if you need me.

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We’ve all been waiting for you.

For you.

Your arrival has been marked, has been recorded on earth, in the universe, in the galaxies, in all of space, in all of time.

You come with a birthright, written in love and sung through all Creation in words which promise that no matter where you’re at, you’re home; that no matter who you’re with, you’re welcome; that no matter who you are, you’re loved.


~Rita Ramsey

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