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Next class: November 5th 2016

Creating Your Calm is now accepting enrollment for the one day intensive comprehensive (this is not a HypnoBirthing course) child birth group or private course. Sign up for announcements from Creating Your Calm Blog to stay up to date on the latest class schedules. Refresher courses are also available to families of subsequent births.

2017 Schedule

  • November 5th 2016 (Registration closed)
  • January 21st (Registration closed)
  • February 18th (tentatively reserving February 25th for makeup)
  • March 18th (tentatively reserving March 25th for makeup)
  • April 22nd (tentatively reserving April 29th for makeup)
  • May 20th (tentatively reserving May 27th for makeup)
  • June 17th (tentatively reserving June 24th for makeup)
  • July 22nd (tentatively reserving July 29th  for makeup)
  • August 19 (tentatively reserving August  26th for makeup)
  • September 23rd (tentatively reserving September 30th for makeup)
  • October 21st (tentatively reserving October 28th for makeup)

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The intensive comprehensive child birth education group classes is taught in a one day, 7 hour setting. This very informative and fun childbirth class is held in Old Town Alexandria Virginia and are taught by Elizabeth Oldham CD(DONA), HBCE. Private classes are held in your home and typically last 3-4 hours. The intensive comprehensive  one day course is ideal for families planning a natural birth, medicated birth and cesarean birth.  This class is ideal for families on a tight schedule (due date fast approaching, crazy work schedule etc) that can’t commit to a longer course of families who would prefer to knock it out in a day.

During the intensive comprehensive child birth preparation course you will learn how to diminish fears surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth and early parenting. We discuss the natural physiological process of labor and birth, giving you the confidence and understanding to work with your body during this special and amazing moment. Mothers and partners learn natural comfort measures to use during your labor. Birth partners are given specific tools that enable them to provide comfort and support during the amazing transformation while empowering them to maintain a calm but active role in the birth. We cover ways to navigate through unexpected turns of events using evidence based information and informed decision making.  Breastfeeding, postpartum care and newborn care are discussed to give you and your family the most comfortable transition into your new life.

I took Liz’s childbirth education class before giving birth. It is very informative and well presented. Liz does a wonderful job of giving a very comprehensive class. She gives you the info you need but does not overwhelm you.

I highly recommend her birth class — my husband and I took her 1-day class, which was both engaging and informative, and we walked away feeling much more confident about the birth and armed with resources.

Upcoming 2016 Schedule:

  • Saturday November 5th 9am-4pm (Tentatively reserving November 12th for makeup) Register Here

2017 Schedule coming soon… sign up for updates here to be the first to know!

Class Location: 

Body in Balance Center   1423 Powhatan Street Suite 7 Alexandria, VA 22314 (ample parking available)


During the course you will receive:

  • A complete workbook containing all information covered in the class in addition to many helpful handouts and “extras”
  • A  local (to NOVA, MD and DC) resource guide pertaining directly to prenatal, birth, postpartum and parenting
  • Free access to the Birth Plan Preparation Package
  • Access to Elizabeth via email/text/phone to answer questions pertaining to the information provided in the class
Some topics covered in class:
  • History of birth
  • Anatomy of birthing body
  • Mind/body connection
  • Nutrition/fitness during pregnancy
  • Proper positioning to help with optimal fetal positioning during pregnancy
  • Understanding your “due date”
  • Three stages of labor and signs of progression during  labor
  • Variations of labor and birth
  • Understanding how our minds interpret sensations
  • Natural comfort measures to use during labor and birth
  • Breathing patterns that are helpful for labor and birth
  • Positions to aid in comfort and progression during labor and birth
  • Partner involvement to increase their positive role during birth
  • How to make informed decisions when faced with an unexpected obstacle or intervention
  • Birth planning and positive communication with your birth team
  • Post partum care for mom
  • Basic breastfeeding
  • So much more!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding class content, scheduling, location etc!