Today marks the two week anniversary of our time living in Virginia. The children have been so helpful and patient with me as I have had my arms crammed in moving boxes for literally 5 weeks. The weather was beautiful today so we decided to get out stretch our legs and explore our new hometown.
After about a five minute walk at toddler speed, we ended up down there… Beautiful right?


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Our first stop was a small old cemetery. The boys asked tons of questions and were so intrigued by gravestones on the side of the street. Rosser had me read every name and made the observation that people with the same last name are buried together.

We found the post office and learned about P.O. boxes. We bought some stamps and I taught the boys all about the mailing process as we tossed some letters in the out slot.


Next we went up and down the towns sidewalk peaking into stores and even stopping in a few. The boys were so excited to see the river! I was so excited to see all of the shopping options as well as dining, wining and ice creaming!


We stopped and had lunch at a little restaurant on the river. The boys had the most awesome chicken tenders ever, I had a bowl of butternut squash and asparagus bisque and Izzy had her first taste of lemon… Couldn’t resist!


It was a great adventure with my little ones… I am feeling so blessed that something led us to this area. We even saw a prism in the sky on the way home. Looking forward to many more adventures as we settle in. (Special thanks to the random stranger that saw me trying to get a selfie X4 and offered to take our picture)



Feeling like we are home,