There is a special person out there that deserves a little blog attention. As I begin to write this I have been married exactly four years and 20 hours.Ross, this is for you.Just in case I have missed something over the past years (and I am most certain that I have), I would like to take a moment a few moments to say “thank you”. It is a word not said enough.



Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have sacrificed for me and our 2 amazing little boys. There is not a day (or even minute) that goes by that I do not realize how amazingly blessed our lives are.


Thank you for believing in God. Thank you for being my rock when I am not strong. Thank you for letting me cry when I need to. Thank you for sometimes crying with me. Thank you for telling me when I am being unfair. Thank you for constantly telling me that I am a good mom. Thank you for educating yourself and working hard to make a better life for us (although, I am sure we would be just as happy with lawn furniture in the living room).


Thank you for giving me my boys. Thank you for being the kind of man I want them to be. Thank you for always encouraging me to learn and grow. Thank you for teaching me new things without making me feel stupid. Thank you for trusting me and also being someone that I can trust. Thank you for always being honest with me, even if you know it might make me sad, scared or angry.


Thank you for encouraging me to have such beautiful births with both of our children. Thank you for the energy that you so unselfishly shared with me during labor with both of them. Thank you for telling me “you can do it”. Thank you for looking at me like I am amazing. Thank you for telling me that I am pretty. Thank you for telling me that you are “one lucky man”.


Thank you for putting air in my tires even when I fuss that I don’t have time. Thank you for always being the one to put gas in my car because I always think “I can make it” on what little I have. Thank you for being a simple man. Thank you for sometimes being a kid with me and just having fun.


Thank you for our fourth anniversary celebration, even though it was not what we planned, I will NEVER forget that day, who we were with and our white wine toast at 10:00 pm. I will NEVER forget how happy I was at that very moment. Thank you for making it possible for me to be where I was meant to be.


You are the love of my life, my hero, my husband.


I love you forever and ever and ever and am so thankful for YOU.
Oh, and thank you for not being mad when I ran your truck into my car last night…
Your Wife