Little Izabel came into our lives at 10:41 on February 10th 2013. She was born into my hands in our home. It was beautiful… every little bit of time I get these days I work on her birth story. It is so personal and emotional to me that I am really finding it hard to put her story into words! So I thought I would share some pictures of her nursery while I patiently wait for my mind and heart to tell me how to compose her story.  She has yet to sleep in her room, but when she “moves in” I think she’ll love it!

We were on a very tight budget when I was preparing her nursery. I was very very pleased when we realized that her entire nursery was about $50.00 out of pocket for us. We recycled, up-cycled and DIY’ed pretty much everything in her room!!! If there is anything you would like some  more information on, just leave a comment and I will be happy to reply or maybe even post a tutorial!




The tall dresser and long dresser (used as a changing table) was given to us by my brother and sister in law. It has been the furniture for all of children’s nurseries! I adore them!! Of course, her room would not be complete with out a little stepping stool so her brothers can help with diaper changes.


This blanket was given to Izabel by my brother and his family. It is absolutely perfect in her nursery and I know she will love it forever! It is so very very special. Contact to inquiry about your own personalized item!


This was in my nursery as a baby.


The Beatrix Potter bunny rabbit music player was given to my mom when she was pregnant with me and was also in my nursery. Notice the 5 little bunnies… I am the youngest of 5! The lamp was a thrift store find for $5! The calligraphy picture was in my husbands nursery. The tiara is the one I wore on our wedding day.


The sign was made for us by a wonderful family friend. Let me know if you would like one custom made for you or as a gift. Her work is a-maz-ing! The painting of the preggo momma with her two earthside babies was a gift from my mom (in law).  It is by Katie M. Berggren and she is also a-maz-ing. I fell in love with this painting the moment I saw it on her website! Check out her work here. The tree is (once again) from my brother and his family!


The “chandelier” was hand made by me and cost a total of $6!!! It adds a nice tough to her room!


The personalized shirt was given to us from a friend, the basket and little undershirt were mine when I was little. The wooden wall hanger was in my room as a little girl and held almost the exact items as it does now.


The rug is a ruffled rag rug that I made after searching and searching for something that would tie the entire room together and not cost an arm and a leg. This rug cost… are you ready… a total of about $10!!! It took a bit of time to create, but it was easy and well worth it once I saw the finished product. If I get enough request for a tutorial… I just might do one.  Just leave a comment!


The crib is the same one we used for the boys. We just sanded it and painted it black… gave it an entire new life! The wall decal was bought at Michael’s and with a coupon I think I paid about $10 for it. It was designed to be a fuller tree with branches on each side. I wanted something that stretched across her crib so I free handed the layout! It peels off so easily so you can’t really make any mistakes! The tissue paper pom poms are being used in place of a mobile. I couldn’t find a mobile that I thought wasn’t cheesy, so we opted for these. I chose colors that I thought would be a bit stimulating for her little infant eyes. So very very easy to make (tutorial?). The little flowers on the tree are also made of tissue paper and just pinned into the wall with tiny little straight pins. The tissue paper pom pom mobile and the flowers were a grand total of $8! The white bedding came from a variety of places. I could not find a set that was under $200, which I thought was outrageous! So… the bumper is from the thrift store ($1), the sheet is a hand me down from her brothers and the skirt is actually a twin dust ruffle from the thrift store with really pretty lace detail on the bottom ($1). I stitched 2 seems down the middle (almost like a cross) to make it fit under her crib. The doll and stuffed animal were mine as a baby.


And of course, I couldn’t write a blog post about this precious baby’s room without showing you this precious baby! Isn’t she lovely?

If there is anything you would like to know more about or find out “how to”, just leave a comment and I will be happy to give you the scoop!


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Thanks for checking out our baby girls frugal room,