In addition to the childbirth education options already offered (HypnoBirthing® or comprehensive group courses) Creating Your Calm also offers the additional prenatal services. These are all independently designed (but can be combined) to help you prepare for the birth of your baby and your first months together. Please contact Elizabeth to inquire more about any of these services or to begin the process:

Prenatal Doula/Maternity Consultation ($375 Pay Here)

  • This option is designed for those who do not want or feel they need an extra support person at their birth for whatever LizMaternity49reason
  • Two in home visits to discuss birth visions,  partner involvement, birth location, care provider, overview of labor, comfort measures, what to expect after birth, newborn procedures etc
  • Resource list of area providers including beneficial information applicable before, during and after birth
  • Access via text/email for questions/concerns before and after baby is born
  • Quick access to evidence based research and articles to help you navigate through any prenatal decisions that may arise
  • Birth plan preparation (see below for description; this option is done in home during one of our two prenatals)
  • Unbiased and evidence based information
  • Constant encouragement

Basic Newborn Care Class ($250 Pay Here)

  • 2.5 hour private course in your home
  • Resource list of area providers including suggested post partum doulas
  • Access via email for questions/concerns before and after baby is born (24-48 hour response time)
  • Class topics include (but are not limited to): Hospital procedures after birth, first 48 hours, basic breastfeeding or bottle feeding, pumping, diapering, cloth diapering, cord care, baby essentials, cord care, bathing, sleep, soothing, communicating with baby and other topics specific to your family

Birth Plan Preparation ($50 Pay Here)

  • Via telephone we will discuss what your visions are for your birth
  • We will discuss your options, terminology and their meanings (ex; IFM, AROM, vitamin K etc) specifically for your birthPad of Paper & Pen
  • I will guide you through the process of starting and preparing your birth plan giving you tips and important information to include so that it is actually read and appreciated during your birth
  • You will also receive example stock birth plans for your review  that have been very well received among Obstetricians and Midwives
  • Email communication to answer questions and help with ongoing birth preference revisions

Planned Cesarian Birth Preparation ($50 Pay Here)

  • Via telephone we will discuss what your visions are for your birth
  • We will discuss options specific to your birth
  • I will discuss with you the process of a cesarian birth and how you can still remain calm and in control before, during afterBen 2
  • We will discuss how to enjoy the immediate postpartum period
  • We will talk about what questions to ask your care provider before, during and after your baby’s birth
  • If you wish we will prepare a birth preference sheet together (see above for description) and discuss newborn procedures