Congratulations on your pregnancy and your interest in helping your postpartum FullSizeRenderhealth through your placenta!

Your placenta is perfectly made for you, by you! It is an amazing organ created to nourish baby in the womb and the postpartum mother.  Some of the amazing things that consuming your placenta may help with are:

  • Lessening the risk of postpartum hemorrhage and lessening the lochia phase.
  • Providing the hormones human placental lactogen and prolactin to assist with your milk coming in sooner and maintaining a healthy supply throughout your nursing relationship.
  • Replenishing iron lost from birth and preventing post-birth anemia. Low iron levels can lead to depressive symptoms in a new mother.
  • Balancing out your hormone levels until the body is able to regulate on its own.
  • Providing natural pain relief from the labor and birthing process.
  • The placenta helps your uterus return to pre-pregnancy size.
  • Lending you a consistent flow of oxytocin (the bonding and euphoric hormone).
  • Replenishing your B-Vitamins and offering your body protein for energy.
  • Protection from infection due to retained placenta or bacteria in the uterus.

Placenta Services

Traditional Chinese Medicine Method of Placenta Encapsulation (100-300 pills) – $250 tThe Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method is the oldest recipe we have for placenta encapsulation; it has been done the longest in Chinese culture. The signature of this method is the steaming step. In TCMI theory, the process of labor and birth leaves a lot of open, empty space, which is considered very yin, or cold. Therefore, one major way we can promote healing during the postpartum period is to add yang energy via heat. We therefore incorporate steam and warming herbs (typically (lemongrass, ginger, and a spicy green pepper per the principles of Chinese Medicine) into the remedy, and the final result is warming, tonifying, and nourishing for the postpartum.

Raw Placenta Encapsulation (100-300 pills) – $250 The Raw method is often used for clients who prefer a raw diet, which is based around the idea that heat destroys vital enzymes and nutrients in food. The steaming is skipped to keep the vital nutrients and hormones that may be depleted.  This method follows the belief that nothing should be heated beyond 118 degrees or vital enzymes are lost. Some claim that the Raw method also yields a medicine with more hormones and nutrients than the TCM method.

½ TCM and ½ Raw Method Placenta Encapsulation – $250 Your placenta can be prepared using each method. Half of your placenta will be prepared using the TCM method and the other half will be using the Raw method. You will receive two separate bottles.

Placenta Tincture (4 oz bottle) $30 Putting part of your placenta in tincture form is another way to stretch out its longevity. A small portion of placenta is added to >100 proof alcohol and set to ferment for six weeks. Some of the benefits include hormone stabilization in your postpartum cycles, less bleeding during those cycles, energy and for menopause years down the road. The tincture can be used in any time of transition or emotional changes. A female child might benefit from placental tincture once she begins her menstrual cycle. If tinctures are stored properly they can last indefinitely. They are created with alcohol and presented to you in  dropper bottle. Tinctures will be delivered at your post partum visit and you will “turn” it in your home.

Placenta Salve (4 oz tin) – $30 A salve or balm made of your placenta and a variety of  herbs and oils offers healing properties to c-section scars once they are healed, perineal tearing, hemorrhoids,  eczema, sun burn, diaper rash and more.

Cord Keepsake – Free Your baby’s umbilical cord is gently dehydrated into a small keepsakeSubstandardFullSizeRender

Placenta Print – Prints are made with your fresh placenta and the natural blood onto heavy watercolor paper. It’s a wonderful way to capture the placenta’s beauty – Free • Canvas – $30 • Color Prints on watercolor paper – $10 • Canvas and color print ready to hang – $40

Placenta Chocolates – $40 A small portion of your powdered placenta is made into delicious chocolates

Photos of Your Placenta – Free I am happy to take photos of your placenta and/or the process of encapsulation . These will be given to you on a disk at your postpartum visit

Twins or Multiples – $25 additional charge


Deluxe Placenta Encapsulation Package – $300 TCM or RAW or ½ and 1/2 method, tincture, salve, color or regular canvas print, color or regular watercolor print, photos of your placenta and the preparation and a cord keepsake.

Basic Placenta Encapsulation Package – $265 TCM or Raw or ½ and ½ method, your choice of tincture or salve, color and regular placenta print on watercolor paper, photos of your placenta and the preparation and a cord keepsake

A la Carte– Choose exactly what you want from the services above

Getting Started

In order to begin the process of securing my services for placenta encapsulation please fill out the form below. Ideally, I would like for all the paperwork and full payment to be completed by 36 weeks. However, if you are past that point when you decide to utilize my services, don’t let that stop you from reaching out to me… we can make it work! I can also work with a family who has already birthed or has a properly frozen (less than 6 month) placenta.

Please have a conversation with your care provider re: your intentions to take your placenta home. Remind them again at the time of delivery. Be sure that your birth preference sheet outlines that you would like to keep your placenta.