I had the privilege and honor to be present at the beautiful birth of little baby Jacob. I won’t write much about this experience due to privacy agreements that I have with all of my parents, but I would like to write a few words.

Mom and dad took my HypnoBirthing before the baby was born. We connected immediately. They were funny, interesting and full of love for their growing baby. About 3 weeks into the course they asked me to be their Doula. I was overjoyed! What an honor it is to be trusted to be present at such a special moment.

Fast forward about a month later…

Mom had a very long labor and I was so impressed by her ability to maintain her energy and her humor. She managed at home very well for about 13 hours.  Multiple times I know she felt over worked and exhausted, but she found tiny moments to relax and regain her energy, and she continued on the path of a natural birth. Dad was with her non stop trying to find little ways to make her laugh and constantly providing for her every need. Watching their interactions together as they moved closer and closer to becoming new parents was such an intimate moment for me. Mom breathed through each surge and moaned out after. It was amazing watching her follow her body’s lead and listening to what her baby needed. The way she moved and the sounds she made were so primal and unscripted.  Many times I wiped a tear from my eye as the beauty and naturalness of this world was reconfirmed to me.

On September 20 2012, little Jacob entered into the world naturally and peacefully. the moment I saw him my heart melted and I began to cry. I cried for happiness that the world was blessed with a new little life. I cried because I knew the joy that mom and dad were feeling. I cried because I knew how mom and dad had worked for that moment. So much energy had been been put into that very moment where two become three. I cried because I was there, with two people that 8 weeks ago had been complete strangers to me, watching them and supporting them in one of the most amazing, intimate, beautiful, strong moments of their lives. I cried because I felt lucky, blessed, privileged, honored to be a part of it all.

Thank you to a very special family for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing moment. You are both such strong people and I was so impressed and encouraged by how you owned your birth and stayed in control of every decision.